CRISS. Crystal Invent Business Software Suite.

If you are a modern, slim, agile, fast business you don't need software vendors telling you how to operate.

You need a software vendor that can quickly understand your unique processes and provide software to speed up operations and management.

CRISS is designed for this very purpose: deliver fast, concise, easily maintainable custom functionality

CRISS focuses on the core business. Where the workload is huge. Where management needs flexible tools.

For example a distribution company's core business means processing orders from it's customers. Hundreds or thousands of orders have to be processed daily, fast and without errors.
General Ledger, Human Resources are of course important but they do not drive the business.


The Fast Orders module aims to speed up order processing.

  • Sales gents can produce orders fast (desktop, mobile devices)
  • Operations and warehouse can process orders faster and without errors
  • Customers can order directly, see their history
  • Real time stock validation and better stock management
  • The ordering process can be better managed: order approval, review
  • Completely custom reports can be defined

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The Service module aims to speed up service form processing.

  • Customer or technicians can produce quickly service forms
  • Back office can process the service forms faster and without errors
  • Customers can access their history and many more
  • Completely custom reports can be defined

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We provide data management and software development consulting.

  • You have a lot of data in Excel files, old databases, any kind of flat files. You need to mine it, organize it, transform it, import/export for different systems, extract reports, regexp, lexers, parsers.
  • You need online interfaces: web services SOAP, RESP; XML RPC, CORBA; transfer flat files JSON, YAML, XML, delimited, fixed length.
  • You need software development services: lower level C/C++, Java; web development J2EE, Ruby, HTML5/CSS/Javascript; database programming Oracle/MySQL/PostgreSQL; scripting shell, python, perl, ruby; build system maintenance Makefile, Ant.

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